Monday, August 15, 2011

Woe to You

Here are the lyrics to a song by one of my favorite musicians, Matt Papa. The lyrics are a little shocking, then you realize that it is basically an overview of what Jesus said in Matthew 23. Are we acting like 21st Century Pharisees? As you read the lyrics, allow the Holy Spirit to reveal things in your own life. In the way you worship. In the way you speak to others. With your finances. In the way you view God. In the way you "do" church. In the way you seek justice.

I have allowed this song to speak to me and it has torn me up, sometimes to tears. Am I grieving His Spirit? Where is my treasure? Is God simply my genie? Am I practicing a "worthless religion"? Is the gospel I profess tickling my ears or is it a radical, life-altering, power-filled Gospel, Good News worth listening to. All of these are questions we must ask ourselves if we plan to be the church the Bridegroom is coming back for.

Woe To You

Religious people
You white-washed tombs
Beautiful on the outside
But you’re full of bones

You look very religious
You follow all your little rules
But you don’t follow Jesus
You just talk like you should

Woe to you, woe to you
All your pretty words sound
Like filthy rags
Woe, woe to you

Prosperity and progress
You say bless me indeed
You fill up your bank accounts
While children die in their need

One day you’ll retire
You’ll have a house on the sea
But my friend where your treasure is
That’s where your heart’s gonna be

Woe to you, woe to you
You call him Lord but
He’s just your genie
Woe, woe to you

Where is the justice?
Who’s preaching the truth
Your sermons are entertaining
And your churches are cool

You’re grieving His Spirit
And You’re winning the lost
To a worthless religion
Cause you don’t talk about the cross

Woe to you, woe to you
Your gospel is tickling our ears to death
Woe, woe to you

Where is the justice and mercy
And walking humbly with Your God
Who’s caring for orphans and widows
And living holy in this world
For this is what He requires

Woe to you, woe to you
For many will come to Him on that day
And say Lord, Lord, but He’ll say
Woe, woe to you

Woe to you, woe to you
Repent before it’s too late